..to the witty and fun world of Befuddled! Our website introduces the newly created book from the Starr brothers, Matt and Jon. Befuddled is available to purchase from Troubador in a 64 page paperback book.


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Befuddled - A Royal Ointment
A Royal Ointment – By Jon Starr

The book contains 18 poems, separated into two parts.

Part One includes:

A Royal Ointment
Ernie The Kangaroo
Little Georgie Jupiter
The Longest Ladder
Books, Books, Books
The Old Fogies
The Gardener
Fancy Dress

Part Two includes:

The Match
K-nuts of Dough-ver
Wrong Tie
Our House
Hairdresser and Scissors
Looking to Buy a Wardrobe
The News and Weather

Befuddled - Books, Books, Books
Books, Books, Books – By Jon Starr

Matt and Jon Starr

Matt Starr was born in Burton upon Trent in 1969. He was raised in North Warwickshire and currently lives in Birchmoor, a small village within the same area. He has been a member of a band, playing music for over 20 years which has inspired his love of rhythm and creative writing.

Jon Starr was born in 1967. He developed an interest in art from an early age and went on to gain a BA Honours degree at what was North Staffordshire Polytechnic, graduating in 1989. He currently lives in Polesworth (North Warwickshire) and works as a freelance artist.

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Befuddled - Little Georgie Jupiter
Little Georgie Jupiter – By Jon Starr

Little Georgie Jupiter

Little Georgie Jupiter
Is such a clever chap
He learned to play the bongos,
Playing on his lap.
Now he plays the big drums,
He plays them all night long.
Keeping up the neighbours
With that heavy bass drum song.
“What on earth is happening?”
You can hear the neighbours scream.
“It must have been the thunder,
Or an earthquake in my dream.”
Still they’ve never found out
What wakes them from their sleep.
And Georgie will never tell them,
It’s a secret for him to keep.

By Matt Starr


Befuddled is a family creation, two brothers bringing together their artistic talents to not only create a book but a piece of art. Packed with witty and imaginative ideas, Befuddled is a great escape from everyday life. With dazzling illustrations and sharp-witted poems and stories, this charming book is sure to leave you feeling joyful.

Befuddled - Spirits
Spirits – By Jon Starr

1969. Man landed on the moon, The Beatles walked across Abbey Road and Matthew J. Starr was born in Burton upon Trent. His upbringing has influenced his writing. Befuddled is inspired by everyday occurrences. Certain characters are simply exaggerated versions of the many fascinating people I have met during my life. Growing up in a traditional Public House, I found myself captivated by the endless variety of colourful characters that crossed the threshold, observes Matt. I didn’t plan to write a book of poetry and short stories, I found myself needing an outlet for my creativity other than my music.

Befuddled - Our House
Our House – By Jon Starr

Our House

Spider – “It’s mad in our house,”
Said the spider to the mouse
“I crawl across the floor at night,
And give the old folks such a fright.
Then I go back where I can’t be seen,
But I can see them, you know what I mean?
Hide and seek, I just love that game,
Then I’m back out tomorrow, to play it again.”

Mouse – “I have fun also,”
The mouse says, “you know.
What with that cat always thrown out,
It gives me the chance to scurry about.
But unlike you, they don’t know that I’m here,
And if that cat knew, I would live in fear.
All they think is that the pipes are tapping,
But that’s just me, dancing and rapping.”

… (The poem continues)

By Matt Starr

Befuddled - The Old Fogies
The Old Fogies – By Jon Starr

The illustrations are by Matt’s brother Jon (from Polesworth, North Warwickshire), making Befuddled a family creation.

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